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About SIM-Drive


Blue earth to the children

The earth is exposed to various environmental changes such as rush of unusual weather phenomena, sea level rise and desertification. It is said that the changes are caused by global warming associated with increase in greenhouse gases.

In order to bring solutions to this situation, SIM-Drive was established in August 2009 with the aim of prompt spread of environmentally-friendly electric vehicle.

Since then, SIM-Drive has grown up to be a leading company gathering worldwide attention in the field of electric vehicle development.

In the future, if we could successfully promote comfortable and user-friendly electric vehicles in more nations, we will be able to help in solving environmental issues as much as possible.
We, SIM-Drive, will contribute to solutions in environmental problem by further spread of electric vehicle and technological innovation.

Designing transportation for the 21st century

What are the needs of 21st century transportation?
They are reliability, safety and a diminishing environmental burden.。
We at SIM-Drive Corporation, a leader in sustainable design, aim to establish transportation infrastructure which will diminish environmental burden with our ground-breaking "in-wheel-motor" electric vehicles.

Our Commitment

By developing and providing environmentally friendly vehicle, SIM-Drive is committed to hand down the beautiful earth to our children.
Prompt spread of electric vehicle is a drastic and essential solution to problems like global warming and exhaustion of fossil fuels.
We think handing down the beautiful earth now we are living is commitment of us, people nowadays.
We also create the next industry and human resources in order to promote the spread of electric vehicle.


Nobuhiro Tajima


APEV - Chief Commissioner
 (Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles)
Chairman/CEO of Tajima Motor Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Going by the name of “Monster”, he is a famous driver not only in Japan and Asia but also in the Americas and Europe. He chiefly participates in the Japan Dirt Trial Championship, pan-Pacific international rally championships and international hill climbs. All of which he has reigned as King for a very long time and even now actively participates as driver.

2009, worked to establish Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles and assumed position of Chief Commisioner in 2011.

He actively promotes the need for building a sustainable earth environment through the proliferation of electric vehicles.

Soichiro Fukutake

Honorary Advisor

APEV - Honorary Chairman
 (Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles)
Honorary Adviser of Benesse Holdings, Inc.
Contributed to the development of education/academic industry as representative of Benesse, and often spoken as enlightened restorer of Benesse.

Posesses profound appreciation in arts, he focuses on restoring aging depopulated communities of islands in Setonaikai through arts and culture. His actions have received high opinions from domestic to international as “Holy place of modern arts”. As General Producer of Setouchi Triennale, his art festival is praised as a new style unseen anywhere in the world.

2009, aiming to realize a society which can continue environmental conservation of earth, he joins SIM-Drive corporation and the establishment of Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles to which he acts as the center for both organizations.

Hiroshi Fujiwara


APEV - Commissioner
 (Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles)
Representative Director of BroadBand Tower, Inc.
CEO of Internet Research Institute, Inc.
Tsuneo Sakai
Vice President
Yasushi Tokuda