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Invitation to Participate in SIM-Drive Corporation’s Advanced Development Project II

We start inviting to participate in Advanced Development Project II from today (Sep.21, 2010).

Please see the link below for details.

» Press Release PDF(simdrive_pressrelease_20100921_eng.pdf) 470KB

Overview of Prototype Electric Vehicle to be produced in SIM-Drive's Advanced Development Project II


・We will make a prototype electric vehicle, with an anticipation that any of the participants would start mass-production at around 2014.

・We have effectively used the “Platform by SIM-Drive” technology, which is a combination of in-wheel motor (SIM-Drive) technology and component built-in frame technology, while also minimizing battery weight. Doing so, we have aimed at improving motor use efficiency, reducing drag and minimizing rolling friction.

Characteristics of SIM-Drive’s Advanced Development Project II

One of the major characteristics of SIM-Drive’s business is the adoption of an open-source scheme. This is because part of our mission is to spread the use of the combined in-wheel motor and component built-in frame technologies, instead of manufacturing and selling electric vehicles as final products. When people from participating organizations experience the electric vehicle industry, in which these technologies serve as the core, and then take back the technologies and the contacts they made through this experience to their organizations, the industry will grow even more.

Details about participation in SIM-Drive’s Advanced Development Project II

・We ask that each of the participating organizations pay a participation fee of 20 million yen. SIM-Drive and each participating organization will collaborate in producing a prototype electric vehicle for about one year, with an anticipation that any of the participants would start mass-production at around 2014.


・A desk and chair will be provided at our development base for each participating organization, to be used freely on a full-time or part-time basis. All participants can engage in all phases of production of a prototype vehicle in the project.


・Participating organizations will be provided with specifications, basic drawings and test certificates, which are the deliverables for this project. Participants will also be able to use the finished prototype vehicle for testing, displaying at exhibitions, company-sponsored events and other activities.