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Invitation to Participate in SIM-Drive Corporation’s Advanced Development Project III

SIM-Drive Corporation (; SIM-Drive: located in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, CEO and President: Prof., Dr. Hiroshi Shimizu), announces that it will start the Advanced Development Project III (; Project III) form 23rd February 2013 to 31st March 2014.


Please see the link below for details.

»  Press Release PDF(0912_press-release_eng.pdf) 328KB

Advanced Vehicle Development Project


 One of the major characteristics of Advanced Development Project is the adoption of an open-source scheme. This is because part of our mission is to spread the use of the combined in-wheel motor and component built-in frame technologies, instead of manufacturing and selling electric vehicles as final products. When people from participating organizations experience the electric vehicle industry, in which these technologies serve as the core, and then take back the technologies and the contacts they made through this experience to their organizations, the industry will grow even more. The project offers the program which is open to participate in for all companies and organizations of any genre or field who are interested in the electric vehicle industry.

Electric Vehicle to be developed in the Advanced Vehicle Development Project III

 In the Advanced Vehicle Development Project III, as was the cases of Project I and II, we would adopt the In wheel Motor Technology and Component Built-in Frame Technology effectively. With these technologies, we would seek effective use of motors, small air drag, and the minimized tire rolling resistance coefficient. Further features to put on prototype to be developed in the Advanced Vehicle Development Project III would be generated through the project.

Return to the Participants of the Advanced Vehicle Development Project III

Information and privileges provided to the Participants are as follows;

Reports and Drawings

Experiences in actual prototype development

Righ to use the developed model

· Specifications
· Major Drawings
· Overall Evaluation

· Realizethe electric vehicle; advanced developed model, with new concept
· Learn fundamental technologies through electric vehicle development
· Obtain fundamental information on electric vehicle business
· Expand network with other companies / organizations
· Develop human resources

· In-house evaluation tests
· Use as a material for promotions
· Use as a material for CS

Invitation detail of the Advanced Vehicle Development Project III

◆Project period

:From Feb. 23rd,2012 to Mar. 31st , 2013

◆Participation scale

:About 30 organizations

◆Application period

:From 12th September 2011 to the day before of the start of the project, or 22nd February 2012.
* SIM-Drive will close the invitation after the project started.

◆Application targe

:Company、Local government

◆Participation fee

:20 million yen


If you have further questions, please contact us by e-mail.