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Friday, November 15, 2013

SIM-Drive Corporation

President and CEO Nobuhiro Tajima

SIM-Drive Corporation to exhibit at The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 and Odaiba Motor Festival in MEGAWEB


SIM-Drive Corporation (President and CEO: Nobuhiro Tajima) will be exhibiting the concept cars at The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 and Odaiba Motor Festival. The two events are held at Odaiba area together, at Tokyo Big Sight and MEGAWEB, which are only one minute apart by train.


As a participant of Odaiba Motor Festival, our cars are going to be shown in MEGAWEB, from November 19th (Tue) to December 1st (Sun). We are especially pleased to have SIM-86e for the first time in public. The EV sports car expresses our passion to enjoy driving and accelerate further EV popularization. The car will be driven by Tajima during the exciting demonstration run session.


In addition, Tokyo Motor Show will be held at Tokyo Big Sight, from November 22nd (Fri) to December 1st (Sun). During the events, the whole Odaiba area will be adorned with cars and motorcycles to promote the automobile industry and economic improvement in Japan. All are welcomed to walk around the area and see future automobiles.


Exhibition Event Information

Event: Odaiba Motor Festival at MEGA WEB (MEGA WEB Venue)

< Electric Vehicle >

1.       SIM-LEI

2.       SIM-WIL

3.       SIM-CEL

4.       SIM-DS3 (2 Motor FWD EV Conversion)

5.       SIM-86e (4 Motor AWD EV Conversion) *Debut appearance

6.       E-RUNNER Pikes Peak Special

(Winning Racecar for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2013 Electric Car Division)


Display Period: Nov. 19 (Tue.) – Dec. 1 (Sun.)

Demonstration Run Schedule: November 23 (Sat.), 24 (Sun.), 30 (Sat.), Dec. 1 (Sun.)


1-3-12 Aomi, Kotou, Tokyo 135-0064


For further information about the exhibition and demonstration runs, please visit


Venue Location Map




SIM-Drive Corporation: Yasushi Tokuda

KBIC (Kawasaki Business Incubation Center)

7-7 Shinkawasaki, Saiwai, Kawasaki, Kanagawa

TEL 044-201-1014 FAX 044-599-6444