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President Tajima gave a lecture at APEC 2013.

 On October 5th, Nobuhiro Tajima, the president of SIM-Drive and the representative of Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles, was invited to give a lecture in Tri Hita Karana International Conference on Sustainable Development 2013 in Bali, the side event of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2013. 。

 In this forum, the heads of government and business managers of Asia-Pacific region are assembled to discuss the measures to realize sustainable community.

 We promoted our activities we have tackled since our establishment, not only passenger electric vehicle field, but also electrifying trucks and racecars, on the global stage along with many other practical cases were introduced in the conference

 And we obtained audience’s support for the idea that spread of electric vehicle will be a countermeasure of global warming caused by conventional petrol vehicles which we recognize as a serious problem.

 We hope that our lecture will help the spread of electric vehicle in many countries, and, of course, we will continue to promote electric vehicles.